Adan Keynan Organizes Motion to Dismissal of Two Governors in Eight Years


Aden Keynan, a long-time politician who has a large stake in the selection of Kenya’s North Eastern Province members, especially in Wajir, has always attached his interests to the public interest which has led him to try and organize a motion. to Wajir Administration Officials,
Mohamed Abdi Mohamud and Adan Keynan:

Although the two MPs were initially accompanied by him, he initially complied with all of Kenya’s requirements, including senior Kenyan positions in Wajir, but some were found guilty of corruption and removed from office. As a result, a new war Gov.Jiir out between the two officials, and for the second time in a year, a motion was filed against Mohamed Abdi.

Keynan, a prominent politician, has been criticized by those who know him for putting his own interests ahead of the public interest, and there is still controversy over Eldas’s role as a Member of Parliament, his lack of commitment to representing Somalis in Kenya. Wajir residents, a politician who looks like a village politician is waging an unrelenting war against Mohamed Abdi, an old man who brought him to him.
Governor Jiir’s Administration and his War with Kenya.

Certainly, this opportunity was given to Mohamed Abdi by the Chairman of Jiir in terms of political stability and the current situation, he had the opportunity to serve his people and bring good governance and governance to the level of local government.

But he has made several attempts to overthrow the governor, but the mouse has won the hearts of the people, and the World Bank has repeatedly praised financial transparency and the rebuilding of the system. resisted the battle of kenyan, a rat who was a strong man resisted any attempt to overthrow his administration, but the people of Wajir saw the initial ambition of kenyan, but when he twice attacked mohamed abdi he failed to fulfill his ambition and his promises made it clear that this politician is more difficult than his people and incompatible with other Kenyans in his senior positions.

Keynan, who was supposed to play a prominent role in Kenyan politics as a whole, appears to be a political genius who knows only about war and crippling, intimidating incumbent officials in Wajir.
There is a tough challenge now in the Kenyan Senate for a majority to approve the removal of Mohamed Abdi, and there is a tough challenge.

Mohamed Abdi has been embroiled in a two-year legal battle, and the other two years have ended in motions and internal strife, which has resulted in the people of Wajir losing access to government services.

What should the people and MPs of Wajir do:

It should be noted that it is important to put the public interest before the private interest and it is necessary to implement the following:

1. That the MPs should be held accountable and begin to be accountable to the Minister of Finance and his staff

2- To avoid anything that causes delays

3. The public should be aware that politicians are only interested in their own interests and the public should be aware that their interests are not being served by anyone.

However important it is to prioritize the public interest over the private, parties must work for the common good for the environment and the people.


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